Joy in the Cause is a 501c3 nonprofit focused on providing care, compassion, and joy, one personal act of kindness at a time, helping those with life altering illness and special needs.

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Sometimes joy comes wrapped in unlikely packages. It may not be doing a cartwheel in the doctors office or jumping for elation. It may be the simple knowing that you are not alone. There is someone who cares, someone cheering and praying for you. That care may come in the form of a care package tailored to fit the need of the family, payment of a bill, gas/money card, housecleaning or simply in the form of rest. Rest in knowing someone has your back. Whatever the need, Joy In The Cause tries to meet that need.

Joy in The Cause strives to be that "someone" for as many in our community as we can, each and every day. Through programs like "The Purpose Project", "Hope Visits", and "Joy In The Adventure", our volunteers spend quality time with those who are hurting or feel lost, helping them find their joy and purpose in life. "Joy To The Rescue, Project Kids in Crisis" supports local first responders and area schools. This project provides help in the form of a backpack filled with comforting items to help children in crisis situations or those without family resources.

At Joy In The Cause, we believe that your cause matters.

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